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  • Be a Guest Blogger.
If you would like to be a Writing North Idaho guest blogger, send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page. In your message, briefly describe your writing-related topic.

As a reflection of the mission of Writing North Idaho, topics should be in line with the interests of our audience, which includes writers of various experience levels with a wide range of interests. Some are published writers, some are on the path to publication, and some write simply because they love to write. Some are interested in reading tips about the craft of writing, in learning more about freelance writing, writing books, and the publishing process. Some are interested in discovering new ideas about writing and in hearing about the writing life of others.

If you don't yet have a particular topic in mind, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Write a review of a writing-related book you recently read.

Write about an event you recently attended that inspired you to run home and start writing.

Give us a lesson on some aspect of the craft of writing.

Tell us about your writing schedule; what is your process, what works best for you.

What most inspires you to write? Why do you write?

What are some great workshops or conferences you have attended and why.

Provide useful tips and techniques for critiquing the writing of others, or for some other area of writing.

Blogging Tips:

For length, 300 to 600 words is ideal.
Create a catchy title and lead sentence.
Be funny if you want.
Be informal and spontaneous.
Write using a friendly, conversational tone.
Have fun, but be informative.

Once we receive your request to be a guest blogger and your topic, we will review it to make sure it fits within our mission and schedule. We will then email you a timeline for sending us your written piece. Your piece will be posted by one of our contributors as a Monday Morning Post. When your blog entry is posted, if you like, we will include a short bio at the end of your blog along with a link to your website. If you are an author, we can also include an image of you book cover and a link to your book.

Your blog post will then remain in our blog archive for viewing.

Even though Writing North Idaho focuses on writers in the North Idaho area, we welcome Guest Bloggers from anywhere.

We hope you will join us in making this blog a useful tool for North Idaho writers.

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