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Contest begins: November 5, 2013
Contest ends: December 2, 2013
Winners announced: on or around December 16, 2013

Welcome to the latest challenging contest from Writing North Idaho!

Think back over all the January firsts of your life--all those inspiring sunrises (or times when your eyes flew open at the crack of noon), all those fresh starts, those clean unsmudged calendar pages, and those post-revelry determinations that This Year Will Be Better.

What was the best New Year's resolution you ever made? Was it to complete your first novel, and by December 31 you'd typed "The End"? Was it to lose weight, and soon you were sliding back into your high-school jeans? To get a new job, and by June you'd landed one? Did you aim to get married, and while you didn't quite manage to do that in 365 days, you did take some steps in the right direction toward forming a lasting relationship?

On the flip side: What was the worst New Year's resolution you ever made? Was it the year you decided to start running to get in shape, and on Day Three you fell and broke your femur and wound up in even worse shape because you couldn't exercise at all? Or the year you swore off sugar, until the day your willpower cracked and you downed an entire bag of fun-size Snickers in a single sitting? Or the year you bragged to all your coworkers that you were giving up cigarettes, only to sneak out of the office for a quick puff and find yourself locked out of the building during the Storm of the Century?

For this contest, choose your most memorable New Year's resolution and write an anecdote about it. It can be true or fictional. It can be pinpoint-accurate or the tallest of tall tales. It can make the judges laugh or cry or snort or wheeze (but it should make them feel something . . . engaging your reader is the essence of good writing.)

And if you've sworn off making New Year's resolutions forever, you could write about that decision, too.


2nd & 3rd Place Prizes


The winning entry will receive a $30 cash prize.  Second and Third place winners will also receive a prize. Winning entries will be posted on our blog at WritingNorthIdaho.blogspot.com.  

In addition, ALL entrants will receive copies of the judges' feedback after the contest. 

Contest Rules

1.  Write an anecdote about your best, worst, or most memorable New Year's resolution. Entries containing more than 500 words (not counting the title) will be disqualified. Limit 1 entry per participant.

2. Entries must be in English.

3. Please include a title for your piece. The title does NOT count as part of the 500-word limit.

4. This contest is open to all writers and readers except those associated with WritingNorthIdaho.blogspot.com. (Writers who have written guest-posts for WNI are eligible.)

5. The contest opens on November 5, 2013, and closes on December 2, 2013. Winners will be posted on or around December 16, 2013.

6. The story must be your original work.

7. You may submit one entry, either in the body of an e-mail or attached as a Word or .pdf file. Entries may be either single- or double-spaced.

8. Send entries to wnicontest@gmail.com. Your entry must include your name, location, and contact information. You will be notified that we have received your entry. All identifying details will be removed by the contest receiver before the entry is passed to the judges to ensure anonymity in judging.

9. Winning entries will be posted on WritingNorthIdaho.blogspot.com. Contest entrants agree that their name, location (city/state/country), and entry may be used for advertising and promotional purposes at Writing North Idaho's discretion. (Please note that some publishers, but not all, consider pieces posted online to be "previously published.")

10. Entries will be posted as verbatim, typos and all. No editing will take place.

11. Entrants will retain full publishing rights to their work.

12. We reserve the right to refuse any entries considered unacceptable to a general audience.

13. We reserve the right to declare no winners, if the judges determine that no qualified entries have been received.

14. Published writers will judge the contest. Judging is blind (that is, the identities of the writers are not shared with the judges, nor vice versa). The contest receiver will remove all identifying names, e-mail addresses, etc., before passing the entries along to the judges. Decisions of the judges are final.

15. If you have questions about the contest, send an e-mail to wnicontest@gmail.com.