Friday, September 10, 2010

TGIF: Waxing Wroth

While working on my laptop in our family room the other evening, I caught bits of dialogue from the Marx Brothers movie, Horse Feathers. In the movie Groucho played a university president who, at that moment, was keeping the Dean waiting outside his office. After a while, a secretary bursts into Groucho’s office and says:

“The Dean is furious. He’s waxing wroth!”

Of course Groucho cracks a comeback to the secretary.

“Is Roth out there too? Tell Roth to wax the Dean for a while.”

Funny, but the phrase “waxing wroth” caused me to stop work and think about that those words. I see waxing used occasionally, in this case meaning to increase, grow, expand, etc., but wroth was new to me. So with my laptop handy, I Googled it.

According to Meriam-Webster, wroth means intensely angry or highly incensed, originating from the Old English word, wrath. Makes sense. So, a nod to old movies and Groucho for expanding my vocabulary. I’m unsure, though, how I would ever use such a phrase, but wouldn’t that be fun! Maybe the next time I pay bills?

“This bill is outrageous and I’m waxing wroth!”

Yes? No? I think I need my friend Norm de Plume’s expertise on this one.

MEANWHILE…take note of these upcoming, writing-related opportunities and events in the North Idaho area:

Interested in writing classes? Beginning this month, North Idaho College offers a number of short-term, evening classes at various locations. They include fiction, screenwriting, memoir, romance, children, publishing and others. Check out classes and instructors at

There are a number of events happening over the next several days. They include a theater presentation of Mitch Albom’s book, Tuesdays with Morrie; Library book sales; and several book signings by authors such as Suzanne Jauchius, Linda Mobley, Kay Carlson, Sherrida Woodley, and Jack Nesbit. Check the Events calendar on this blog for details of these and others.

AND…don’t forget about the Idaho Writers League conference taking place in Coeur d’Alene the end of this month, September 23-25. This 2010 conference marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Idaho Writers League. Find details on the conference schedule, speakers and registration at


Beth Bollinger said...

Thanks you all for creating this blog! Very exciting. And thanks for including me in the process!

Nancy Owens Barnes said...

Good to hear from you Beth. Let us know when your next book signing is scheduled so we can help spread the word.

Norm de Plume said...

"Waxing wroth", hmm. It is always good to expand one's vocabulary but in this age of "dumbed down" writing, you may appear a snob at times. However, I am in the same camp as William Safire; I say go for it. All of us need to stretch our minds. Maybe your comment will trigger others to look up "wroth". Let me know how that's workin' out for you.