Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Special Gift of Inspiration

It is Christmas Eve and you just sat down with a cup of coffee, glass of wine or eggnog. The fixings are chopped for tomorrow’s turkey dressing, the fresh cranberries are cooked, the table is set and all the presents are wrapped. Your mind stops spinning and begins to contemplate the family members who will be sitting at the table Christmas Day….

I was stumped for a topic for today’s blog, hence the following email exchange between my daughter and me.

“Hi Sweetie,

Can you think of anything wonderful to write as my blog to be posted Dec. 19, the week of Christmas? I thought of the legend of the spider in the Christmas tree or mistletoe but neither one seems right (or write). I can’t think of anything Christmas-y and writing related. Seems kind of weird to write about punctuation or how to plot stories.

Thanks! Love, xxoo, MOM”

“Hi Mom,

For the Christmas blog you should write about how a great gift would be a letter written to a loved one to tell her how much you love her, like you did for all of us on our birthdays. We treasure your letters.

Love, A”

What Angela is referring to are letters I wrote to my husband, daughters, their husbands and each grandchild during 2009 on their birthdays. I told each how grateful I was that he or she was born. Not surprisingly, it was easy. I was thankful for one who has such a good sense of humor, intelligence, and caring. For another was his ability to see all sides of a situation and come up with an agreeable solution and the love he displays daily to my daughter and their children. To a three year old, I wrote how excited we were when she was born, how fun it was to read her books because she was so quietly in my lap, how much she resembles her grandfather and how impressed I was with her developing artistic skills. My husband’s letter could have pages about why I was glad he was born! Love displayed daily, wonderful children, a secure life, and lot of exciting adventures were just a few things I noted.

The letters were about a page long, some shorter than others depending upon the age of the recipient. I started each one with “I am writing this letter to you on your (x)th birthday to tell you how glad I am that you were born.” I was with only one person as he read his letter so I do not know the exact reaction of each person but reports were that each letter was appreciated.

It does not take much to convey “I love you.” Hopefully, we say it every time we talk to our loved ones. A special letter or simple note written for Christmas 2010 could be an extra gift your family will cherish throughout the New Year.


Mary Jane Honegger said...

What a wonderful idea, Jennifer. I've written similar letters to my sons, but put them in with my will and funeral arrangement wishes for distribution after I'm gone. What a waste! I will take them out of that folder, dust them off, and send them this year. Thank you for the inspiration.

Nancy Owens Barnes said...

An inspiring idea and reminder not to procrastinate when it comes to letting loved ones know what they have meant to you. Thanks.