Friday, February 18, 2011

Life Interfering

I had trouble completing my blog for today. I tried, I really tried, but it just didn't come together. First, my entire week was hellacious. (Is that a word?) During the first of the week I completed my Monday and Wednesday blogs, a film festival proposal for a national conference, and a rewrite on my screenplay.

When I wasn't sitting in front of the computer I jumped in as a last minute sub at a Valentine's Day party for 5th graders, facilitated a Tuesday night work session for screenwriters, and make it to a doctors appointment.

Wednesday I prepared a draft for today's blog, then started primping for my niece's wedding. I spent the morning searching for a dress (success at Burlington Coats at Northtown Mall), and gave myself a manicure and pedicure. By 7:00 pm, I was having highlights put in my hair - by my husband.

By 8:00 pm I was a blond. He kept complaining he couldn't pull any more hair through the holes of the plastic cap that was tied baby-bonnet-like under my chin. That's because he had already pulled ALL my hair out of the tiny holes with a metal crochet hook.

With no time for restoration, my granddaughter and I caught a 10:00 am flight to Portland yesterday morning. My plan was to spend an hour in the evening finalizing my Friday blog entry and scheduling it for posting. That didn't happen.

We had arrived early to help with last minute wedding preparations for the Saturday wedding. My sister put us right to work. First we sorted and then ironed a couple of dozen tablecloths and runners. Then I got put to work tailoring bridesmaid dresses, while my sister was putting fondant on 27 10-inch wedding cakes.

Talk about a job. I had to remove the sleeves, cut down the neckline and then put them back together. I finished by early evening, which gave us time to make a quick stop at the bachelorette party before we drove across town to another sister's house, where we were spending the night.

After dinner I sat down to work on my blog. My folks were in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on table favors for Friday afternoon's bridesmaid luncheon. My sister was making a menu for the luncheon and my granddaughter was making a banner. My brother-in-law was having a Blue Moon and watching the action. I was sitting in the middle of it all - writing my blog. I would have had better luck joining my brother-in-law.

That brings us to today. I got up this morning and scrapped the blog I had drafted and decided to write about the reason my blog wasn't done on time. It wasn't due to procrastination, it wasn't for lack of ideas, and it wasn't for lack of trying. It was because life interfered.

p.s. My family loves my hair. Several of my nieces want to ask my husband to "highlight" their hair when he arrives later today.

Writing Prompts: Life intefering or marriage advice for newlyweds.

Best Wishes to Jenna & Brett!


Jennifer Rova said...

Mary Jane, I ticked the box at the end of your blog that said “fun” but I know your week probably was a mixture of fun (finding a dress, flying to Portland, being with your sisters) and some other, darker place (the alterations of the bridesmaids’ dresses sounds terrible.) All this time you were worrying about the blog. Bless your heart as people in the South would say. What dedication to our endeavor. I know the wedding will be a wonderful event, the bridesmaids will look lovely as will you with your newly highlighted hair and dress. Does your husband make house calls to other hair-challenged women?

Nancy Owens Barnes said...

Wow! That's the writing life for you...always trying to work around life events to make time for writing. And, a frightening image comes to mind at the thought of asking MY husband to highlight MY hair. You, and Larry, are brave indeed. Have a great time at the wedding!