Monday, December 5, 2011

A Writer's Wish List

By now you've probably let your friends and family know, through hints both subtle and strong, which items you'd most welcome under your Christmas tree: maybe an iPad, a Kindle, a stack of fresh notebooks, refills for your writing implement of choice. (If you can't think of anything writerly to ask for, December issues of writing magazines are replete with suggestions. This year, the Writer's Clock pictured above, available from Linda Rohrbough, is at the top of my list. Just in case you were wondering.)

But sometimes what we writers really want is something that can't be put in a box and wrapped. After all, a tee shirt or mug (or, ahem, a clock) with "Writer" printed on it does not make us a writer. Only writing does that!

With that in mind--and with apologies to Christmas-carol lyricists everywhere--here are some gifts that hardworking writers would really appreciate:

Peace on (at least our little corner of) Earth. Sometimes what we most need is uninterrupted time and a quiet space in which to do our creative work. For example, parent of young children might appreciate a promise of babysitting for a few hours a week so they can devote themselves to writing.

Glad tidings of great joy. Such as, "Your novel has been shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize." Or, perhaps a bit more realistically, "Your informative article, 'Top Ten Reindeer Games for 2011,' has been accepted for publication in Tundra Living."

Deep and dreamless sleep to give our overtaxed brain cells time to recuperate. Or, if we must have dreams, let them plant the seeds of our Next Major Masterpiece. And if that is the case, let us remember them in the morning!

Mercy mild from editors when, despite our best intentions, we miss a deadline or overlook a typo. (Not that you would ever do this. I'm sure I'm the only one.)

What are some other gift ideas--both tangible and intangible--that would help you succeed as a writer?


London Accountant said...

That is a wonderful time-telling device =)

But what do you do when it's always Writer's Block O'Clock??

Kathy Cooney Dobbs said...

I want that clock ! Really like your post, Jennifer - very creative and fun

elizabethbrinton said...

I just looked at this again, and checked the clock to see what I should be doing now!
I need the clock too. Let's hope, wish, and make happen the tidings of great joy.

Mary Jane Honegger said...

Your list of writing gifts was creative and intriguing. I think I want to be on your Christmas list - you already know what I want! Gotta go. According to your clock it's time for an Adult Beverage.