Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calling All Writers - Let The Contest Begin !

WNI Free Short Story Contest Begins Today

Contest begins: February 15
Contest ends: March 15 (UPDATE: NOW MARCH 30)
Winners announced: April 15

Short-story writing requires an exquisite sense of balance.Novelists, frankly, can get away with more. A novel can have a dull spot ortwo, because the reader has made a different commitment.
Lynn Abbey (American author and short story writer)

Everything has to be pulling weight in a short story for it tobe really of the first order.
Tobias Wolff (American author known for his memoirs and shortstories)

Are you a winning writer? Find out by entering WNI’s Short Story contest.  This time around we’re asking entrants towrite a 1,000 word short story that begins with this first line:

Herlong journey through pain was almost over.

This sentence, composed by Robert Norwicke of New Jersey, wasthe winner of our Brilliant Beginnings Contest held last year.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 


2nd& 3rd Place Prizes


The winning entry will receive a $30 cash prize.  Second and Third place winners will alsoreceive a prize.  Winning entries will beposted on our website at 

Contest Rules

1.  Write a 1,000-wordshort story opening with the line, “Her long journey through pain was almostover.”  Entries over 1,000 words will bedisqualified.

2. This contest is open to all writers and readers except thoseassociated with (Writers who have writtenguest-posts for WNI are eligible.)

3. The contest will end on March 15. Winners will be posted on March30.

4. The story must be your original work.

5. You may submit up to 2 entries.

6. Send entries to  Your entry must include your name andlocation.  You will be notified that wehave received your entry. 

7. By entering, contest entrants agree to allow their name,location and entry to be used for advertising and promotional purposes atWriting North Idaho's discretion.  Winner’snames will be announced on our Home Page. Winning entries will be posted on our Writer Showcase page.  Entries will be posted unedited and verbatim.

8. Entrants will retain full publishing rights to their work.

9. We reserve the right to refuse any entries consideredunacceptable to a general audience.

10. Published writers will judge the contest. Judging is blind(the identities of the writers are not shared with the judges).

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Jennifer Lamont Leo said...

Yea! Thanks again to Robert Norwicke for giving us our opening sentence--a spark to ignite this new flame! Can't wait to see the creative entries you all come up with.