Friday, July 27, 2012

Gifts for Writers and Book Lovers

Every once in a while, we want a clever gift for a writer or for someone who loves books. There are always books about writing and Writing North Idaho has listed some of our favorites. What about beyond books?

Some suggestions for thoughtful gifts to a writer are.....
            Knit him or her a shawl or lap blanket to keep warm while working
            Gift certificate for a soothing massage
            Book of stamps
            Gift card for an e-book
            Noise canceling headphones
            Personalized book plates
            A gift basket filled with cocoa, coffee, mug, chocolates, nutrition bars, stickies
            Subscription to stock photo images site for a year if he uses pictures on his blog
            Tray for over the bathtub that holds a book and a glass
            Magazine subscription to “The New Yorker” magazine
            Blank books for ideas or a journal
            Gift certificate to a bookstore or an office supply store
            A sterling silver charm
            A bottle of her favorite wine and package of M&Ms
            Offer to walk the dog so he can write
            Offer child sitting services for several hours (at your house or the park)
            Bring over a cooked casserole or pot of homemade soup, rolls and a salad
            Deliver a bouquet of fresh flowers with wishes for good luck on his writing

Here are some links that sell unusual, charming, and fun items for writers or book lovers.

Los Angeles Public Library gift 

refrigerator magnet $4 or 
Bumper sticker $190
Page markers L.A. Public Library
Digital voice recorder  $40
Poster L.A. Library gift store
place mats L.A. Library gift store $22 or
philosopher' $16
temporary tattoos
personalized paperweight
shop-cafepress and others

Amazon books


elizabethbrinton said...

Wow. Where do these clever ideas come from? I remember reading that Pat Conroy's close friends brought him dinner and left it at the door when he was writing. Sheesh.
I will settle for having friends ask how the writing is going and making a date for the movies once in awhile.
I do always appreciate receiving blank books as a gift though.

Jennifer Rova said...

I agree, Elizabeth. Just someone asking how my writing is going is a wonderful treat. Sometimes they wonder why my book isn't in the book stores yet. They do not understand what happens after you are done writing or why it takes so long to see the end result. I appreciate their interest.

I love perusing web sites for gifts for authors. I especially like the refrigerator magnet pictured here. Thanks for you comments.

Jan Cline said...

What a great post! I love all these ideas and will be doing some shopping. Thanks!

Jennifer Rova said...

You are welcome, Jan. It was fun doing the research.