Friday, September 21, 2012

Straight A's Week

When I open my email each Monday morning and read a letter by Tim Cork, I am off to a great start.  A leader in business training, a noted author, and fantastic speaker, Tim is in the business of providing inspiration. His steadfast words of wisdom never fail to shore up my confidence and help me focus on my goals.

I chose to share this particular message as it arrived at a fortuitous time for me. As we turn the corner into fall, and the softness of summer brings us into close contact with a mounting  list of impending chores, coupled with a kind of primeval fear familiar to those of us who live in northern climes, I found myself in need of a good coach.  A positive attitude is a treasure and a quality I seek in friendship. In writing, it is easy to have days of profound discouragement where a major pep talk is desperately needed. After reading Tim's email, I thought about how my own enthusiasm for a project, or novel, years in the making, must tend to ebb and flow.

From Tim Cork:

“Enthusiasm glows, radiates, permeates and immediately captures everyone's interest.”
                                                                                                      – Paul J. Meyer 

You must believe in what you are selling, promoting, managing, or doing and transfer this belief to the buyer at work and at home. This is especially true when “the product” you are selling is you and the buyer is your spouse, child or friend. In fact, you are always selling yourself. Regardless of what your product or service is, people are really buying you. Through your enthusiasm, you can be effective. If you are feeling good about yourself and your product, you will be successful. However, showing excessive enthusiasm or false enthusiasm is a quick way to turn people off. Enthusiasm must be sincere. When it is, real energy will be released. Your motive will be apparent.

Genuine enthusiasm … it’s contagious

Enthusiasm is derived from the Greek word enthousiasmos, which means inspiration. People perceive it in a flash if you don’t mean what you say or your body language isn’t in harmony with your words. Most of us are open books. It’s easy for people to detect whether we really mean what we say. Anyone with genuine enthusiasm definitely inspires us. It’s the genuine that is contagious. Children’s enthusiasm is almost always genuine. They can turn it on immediately. They don’t have to be prompted or pretend. We adults tend to hesitate because we feel silly or it just doesn’t feel natural. We need to keep it in mind that we don’t get that second chance to create a great first impression.

The key ingredient

Enthusiasm is the key to all winning teams and successful businesses. Enthusiasm attracts us like a magnet. It creates motivation, helping us overcome fear, rejection, and failure. It is a big part of courage and burning desire, the fire in the gut that drives us. Enthusiasm is a big part of attitude and getting straight A’s in life. Without this crucial ingredient, you will never achieve the success you desire.

Make it A Straight A’s Week ! 

Tim Cork
President, Straight A’s Inc.

Last week I saw a little boy standing at the curb with a backpack in place, and cap on his head, looking anxiously up the street. When I asked him if he was headed to school and he nodded, I practically jumped up and down with excitement and told him how lucky he was. I know he was a bit puzzled; he said he was worried about the bus coming. I told him it would be here soon, and I was so happy to think of him getting on the bus and starting the whole adventure lying ahead. "I bet you'll be really good at school," I told him.

When dealing with children, my enthusiasm flows like a river. I will keep this in mind as I write. If I lose my way, there is always that Monday morning email to get me back in the game.

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Nancy Owens Barnes said...

Thank you Liz for sharing this inspiring message. Love the idea of a Monday morning uplift. Will check out Cork's site.

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Yes, you can sign up to get the newsletter and kick start your week. Thanks.