Friday, March 22, 2013


    After Bible study today I stopped by  Post Falls  library to return one book, renew another,   and browse the shelves for anything else  that might catch my interest.   I   put two books on hold - Jack 1939, recommended by my friend Patty,   the other, The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jona Jonasson , this one  my darling young cousin (actually my first cousin once removed - cousin Kim Cooney's  daughter)  listed as a favorite on Goodreads.   Rachel commented the story was hilarious  with a touch of Forrest Gump. Fun read.  I must say, the title grabbed me right away, and am looking forward to  reading  about the hundred year old man  who climbs out his window, and   what happens to him  next .

   One of the books I came home with is  The Untold Story of Louisa May Alcott and HER MOTHER by Eve LaPlante.  Because Alcott's Little Women remains a favorite of mine, I'm always interested in reading about this famed author and the influence that shaped her writing talent.  The  second book I checked out was  on the 'New Non-Fiction" shelf, She Matters A Life in Friendships.  This book  drew  my attention because as a writer,  it's a subject that interests me, and  know it's a topic  I could write; One about   the beauty and importance  of  girlfriends throughout  my life , and the special place they hold. From my youngest days when my childhood friend, Linda Mattix  and I played with our dolls for hour upon hour, rode bikes, went to the park, swimming pool, and  Saturday matinee together.  The memories she and I  hold in common can never be broken.  I think of my best  pals from high school , all  so very dear. To this day, we continue to  learn and laugh together. My brother's first love, Patty who became my cherished  friend , too, and remains close to my heart. And Phyllis, my friend and  mentor,  we've been  pals  like  ( Heckle & Jeckle)  since my first  days at the newspaper in 1971.

   I think also of dear women  friends  throughout my adult years, some mother's of my son's friends, some  friends of my mother, others  fellow church members, and writer friends -  each one adding  to the joy of my  being, and helping me grow as a person, to become a better me.

  This is what the library offers us, books on every theme and  topic - biographies of authors, artists, anthropologists; Stories about friendships,  family dynasties, financiers. Poets  and  politicians - saints and scholars. The library is the perfect place not only for those who like to read, but  for writers, too. Like one who is thirsty going to the well, the library can quench your thirst for ideas about writing , and reading.

   Libraries also feature displays, and offer events and presentations about  a variety of subjects to interest the community.  The other day I received an email from fellow blogger, Jennifer Rova reminding me about Coeur d Alene Public Library's annual writing contest.  This contest has always drawn many entries.  Writers age 6 to adult  can submit up to two entries  of fiction, two nonfiction prose (no poetry).  Entries are due March 31.  For more information  visit  or contact David Townsend   

   While the internet and e - readers are extremely useful and wonderful ( I use both), our public libraries also provide a world of wonder, whether reading for pleasure,  academics or seeking knowledge on any subject.

 Visit your local library soon  ! You'll be sure to  find a treasure of people and places to read about ,  both  past and present.





Patty said...

Just loved this article, Kath! You've re-introduced a world of wonder for all of us because that's what a library truly is all about! Thanks for starting my weekend on just right the note!

Anonymous said...

I so love taking my grandkids to the library and watching as their love of books grow. Thank you once again for writing about something so close to my heart. You are one amazing writer!