Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Phrases Beyond Their Expiration Date

Daniel D. Stryker Huffington Post 1/2010
The English language along with almost every other language except those used in remote regions of the world is in constant change. English is the most widely spoken and written language at 480 million people. Mandarin has more speakers, collectively 1.1 billion, but not as many people able to write Mandarin; it also has hundreds of dialects usually not understood if one is in a different geographical district of China.

The use of the Internet by millions of human beings and several gorillas has seen the English language, in particular, change the swiftest. English, British and American versions, is considered the premier language of the international business world. It is also the favored language used on the Internet. These factors make for rapid changes in the meanings and spelling of English words (but not nearly as fast as changes in punctuation). Chat rooms, Internet games, thousands of blogs on all subjects contribute to the dispersion of the English language. People want to fit in so they copy current slang words and colloquial phrases. Many of the current faddish words and phrases are just that. They come and go mainly because (a) they were stupid in the first place, (b) people tire of them quickly, and (c) new words pop up that are quickly repeated so as to make the speaker or writer appear on the cusp of what is in vogue.

There are several blog and web sites that list words that are falling out of favor. Today I compiled my own list. True, it is prejudiced. Some words or phrases I have never liked and so want to see them banished forever. Others I feel have reached their "expiration date." They are old, stale, not funny, no longer appropriate because their meanings have changed over time, or they are hackneyed. I think  the people who use them are too lazy to think up something intelligent to say or write in its place.

LOL        emoticons        cray cray        fiscal cliff        epic        trending          

And I went like....and he went like         It is what it is        Ombamacare         YOLO

OMG             "You guys" regardless of gender of people you are speaking to

 What the.... ?!       on the same page        I've had it up to here        meh     WTF

F bomb       -gate        vajayjay        sharing        let me be clear     take a meeting

take it to the next level        that's so gay        bitch        red/blue states        narrative

chillax       connect the dots        kick the can down the road    at the end of the day

more important       I personally         Me and Joe went        that being said       24-7

the race card       it goes without saying        Awesome!        spread the wealth      

spin doctor        so and so "rocks" a .....     I  hate when....        I hate that...  

arguably        it's not rocket science        bucket list        spoiler alert    man cave

my bad        babe        baby in reference to an adult      wardrobe malfunction

signing a letter "Best," ( best what?)         it is a good read   legitimate rape

the opposition (meaning anybody of a different political party regardless of their stance)

trickle down theory        my bad        Oh my God...seriously?    wasted

he graduated college     he's in hospital     the reporter is on scene      rachet

no problem (in place of you're welcome)       think outside the box     bro  

I know right     winter blizzard warning     I (heart) anything   dude

my friend on the other side of the aisle (Congress)       jeah    ping me


Elizabeth S. Brinton said...

Well this just hit me upside the head. You rocked my world. Lol. Half of these tiresome, worn out phrases are used by politicians and the like.

Jennifer Rova said...

I read a column by a woman who teaches writing. At the end of the term, she instructed her students to write down one question for her. One student asked, "Am I a good writer?" Legitimate question we all have asked. Her rely was, "His question was a good ask." She gets a failing grade.

Jennifer Lamont Leo said...

It is so easy to start parroting some of these expressions without even realizing it, especially those that we hear all the time. Thanks for the encouragement to always seek the right word or phrase, not simply the first one that comes to mind.