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Launch your book with style

Invasion of Heaven Book Launch
September 28, 2013, 7 – 9 p.m.
White Room in Spokane, WA
117 West Pacific Avenue

Some writers really know how to launch a book.  One such writer is North Idaho's Michael B. Koep, who is hosting a "fantasy-filled" book launch of his debut novel, "The Invasion of Heaven" in Spokane on September 28.  The public is invited (but must RSVP) to share in the recreation of "the book's most mysterious scene" in the famous Italian Uffizi Art Gallery and enjoy live music, art, sword fights, food (including Italian appetizers), beer and wine, prizes and a reading and book signing with Michael.  

Wow!  This sounds a little more exciting that sitting at Hastings or Aunties surrounded by stacks of your own books and addressing a small crowd of your most ardent fans ... er, family.  This guy definitely wants to make a splash as an author and decided to market himself in a unique and powerful way.  He made proactive press releases that used professional-looking graphics, planned a unique and compelling launch party and plans to launch an interactive website.  He also organized his book as a trilogy (which is what publishers are looking for) and has already advised his readers to watch for "Elliqui, Part II of The Newirth Trilogy," in 2014.

In researching this creative approach to a book launch, I discovered that Michael used the services of Book It Northwest, a business that specializes in helping non-fiction authors bring their work to the attention of Western Washington audiences and media.  I guess maybe they are expanding into Eastern Washington with this launch.

Info from their website: Partner with Book It Northwest and benefit instantly from behind-the-scenes knowledge of the Northwest's event and media protocol.  Company principals Gail DiRe and Diane Duthweiler have intimate knowledge of the publishing and media worlds.  Let them help you create and carry out a public relations strategy and press plan.

Their services include: Event & Media Booking, Press Releases, Press Kits and Media Coaching, PR & Marketing Consultations, Media & Event Escorting, Book It Northwest Do-It-Yourself Author Publicity Kit, Local & Custom Event/Venue & Media Lists, and Web Copy.

Sounds like what they offer may be of value to authors like Michael who are open to launching their book in a creative way.  Check them out at

Michael B. Koep's Press Release:
Art penetrates the veil between this life and the next…
Part I of The Newirth Mythology
By Michael B. Koep
(Coeur d’Alene, ID)—The mysterious death of a bipolar housewife forces psychologist Loche Newirth to see traces of insanity in the most terrifying place: himself. All at once he is wanted for murder; in a battle of wits with another psychologist; AND he may be seeing things—a crystal blue iris with a fathomless black pupil starts popping up to stare at his life.

Next, the doctor is tangled up with a stuttering and sometimes stoned artist who claims his portraits are a link to the afterlife.
Part one of The Newirth Mythology: The Invasion of Heaven is filled with a mind-bending cast of double-crossing characters bent on destroying what was thought to be beyond the reach of human treachery: the life we all hope for behind death’s door.

The idealistic Dr. Newirth must elude supernatural kidnappers and real life police detectives on his journey from Northern Idaho’s mountain lakes to Northern Italy—and beyond—sometimes at the heels of a swashbuckling, poetry-spouting patient who likes to speak in anagrams and claims he’s more than 600 years old. Is he ally or enemy?

Art is the key to understanding author/artist Michael B. Koep’s fiction debut and he provides passage into his new myth with traces of his invented language, Elliqui, as well as pen and ink drawings.

Amid swordfights, shootouts, betrayal, just-discovered family members and secret guardians … in a milieu of fine art, fine food, secret lovers, myth, mafia, murder, ancient languages and the loud music of classic vinyl LPs, The Invasion of Heaven brings new life to the age old questions of what it means to be human, what lies beyond and if, “The eyes on the inside always tell the t-t-truth.”
Coming soon … an interactive website for fans who want to help expand the nascent language of "Elliqui" for future installments of "The Newirth Trilogy".  Look for Part II in 2014!  Find out more about Michael on his website:  

About the Author/Artist
By the age of 12, Michael B. Koep had written a complex, Tolkienesque fantasy with its own number system, language and runic alphabet. He continues that tradition with his fiction debut.

Koep has been called an Inland Northwest "Renaissance Man”. He is a former educator who co-founded a Northern Idaho fencing consortium, but he is best known as a drummer and lyricist for the progressive rock group KITE and percussionist for the variety, power trio The RUB.  Koep is a visual artist who has attempted to paint the human soul and winner of a Costello Poetry Prize.  If you meet him, in this world or another, ask him about the medieval village he built for his wedding.

If you are interested in attending the book launch party:
RSVP contact: 
Blair Williams: 208-446-9696
For an official Passport Invitation, email your mailing address to:

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