Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Books on Your Holiday Gift List?

She’s 12; she reads voraciously; she has eclectic taste in genres; she reads above her grade level; she’s ready for Gone with The WindThe “she” in this case is my oldest grandchild. She is receiving this book for Christmas because (A) it is one of my all time favorites,  (B) she is ready for the subject matter and (C) she is old enough to do research on her own about the Civil War to better understand the setting and meaning of the book. I am excited for her to receive it but more excited to talk to her after she has finished reading it. I am also giving her another book, a blank one, A Private Reading Journal. I wish I had kept a journal or log of all the books I read starting when I was twelve. It would be fun to look back ands what I thought a book when I was fifteen, 25 or 65 years old. 

Do you give books as holiday gifts? I have friends who devote their gifts exclusively to books and have done so for years. One buys the book she decides is her favorite from the past 12 months of reading and gives it to the adults on her list. This is tricky finding a book that will appeal to all. Another loves searching, contemplating and then buying the right book for each person on her list. Both these friends read many books and belong to several book clubs so they have a wide variety of books from which to choose. Sometimes it is a classic that makes the list, other times, a new hardback book. Another idea is a gift card to a bookstore and the receiver can choose his own selection.

Here are some web sites for you to peruse to find the right book you would like give. books on writing tips for writers notable children’s books 2014 by American Association of Library Services for Children   children’s lists of best books 2014 chosen by children for ages 5 to 12.

Here are some other gift suggestions for the book lovers on your list. All are available by clicking on this link: 
Selection of soothing music

Book or e-reader holder

Woman's tee shirt

Lighted magnifier
Gift basket with book related goodies


Elizabeth S. Brinton said...

I always give books for Christmas. It is a family tradition with us. My mother added the words, "Christmas, 1964," or whatever, on the title page. It helps me remember her. The best book ever came from my father in 1969. He had his grandfather's book of poetry re-printed for us. Thank you for helping people all over the world give books for Christmas.

Jennifer Rova said...

It was you that I was thinking when I wrote about a friend who buys books at Christmas. I think it is such a wise, fun considerate thing to do. Happy holidays and good reading.

Elizabeth S. Brinton said...

Many people have told me that their grandmothers gave them the complete boxed set of L.M. Montgomery's writing. Twelve is the perfect age.

Jennifer Rova said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Her mother, my daughter who is also a voracious reader, read "Anne of Green Gables" but was not a big fan. My granddaughter's birthday is in April and I think a boxed set of L.M. Mongomery's lovely books about young girls would be perfect.