Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Part 2 - New Year's Resolutions, Writing ( & Basketball)

January, 4  2012.  Day  four of the new year, and success in keeping my New Year’s resolution on track by writing every day and  following the 3D’s : Determination, Discipline and Desire  ( Okay, so it’s only four days,  and 361  days to go !)

I don’t know about you, but every  January first  I make  a list of New Year’s resolutions to achieve some goal, or eliminate some bad habit from my life. Each year the same thing happens—about three months into the year I fall off the wagon  (so to speak) and lose sight of whatever my resolution may have been.  But not this year. No, this year I’m committed to  my craft— the practice of writing, and pledge to write something every day—an essay, poem, a letter,  or perhaps  just a few sentences in my journal.
* William Faulkner at  his typewriter
I look to acclaimed authors to seek their wisdom about  writing.  For many of them ,   to become a writer,  hopefully a better writer is by the practice of writing:

· You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.  Doris Lessing
· The writer’s duty is to keep on writing. William Styron
· You must write every single day of your life. Ray Bradbury
· Writing every day and disciplined editing.  Stephen King
· I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep I wrote in the dark.  Henry David Thoreau

Recognizing the importance of   practice draws my thoughts  back to the days of my youth when not only writing was important to me, but also playing basketball.  It was my passion. I loved playing basketball  at St. Rose of Lima, and strived hard to make first string.  While I  was shorter than other girls on the team— our  coach, Liz Miller (affectionately)  took to calling me ‘Little One’ - I was fast and had quick reflexes. Liz was an excellent coach, and  wonderful role model  who early on believed in the 3 D’s  and passed that on to her young wards. 

It was playing basketball  for Liz  that I first learned about determination, discipline and desire— that through practice I could improve my game. Everyday after school we practiced lay-ups, making free throws, pivoting  to the right, pivoting to the left,  the forward pass, and dribbling the ball down the court—the same drills over and over until we became the  best we could be.   I might add, during  those days we weren’t wearing high tech basketball shoes, but  dollar ninety-nine PF Flyers  and  bad uniforms.

I’m 61 years old, and no longer play basketball (although if I could, I would ) .  My passion now is to become a better writer.  To write stories and poems to lift another’s heart and tell of happy days.   I know I must  practice , like Liz called me to do  on the basketball court  , only now with words of description, character and plot.   And writing every day.


elizabethbrinton said...

Great idea. I have vowed to concentrate more fully, and in a deliberate way, on all matters spiritual. Therefore, instead of vowing to lose, in my case it is usually pounds, and slothful habits too, this year I will work on gaining.

Mary Jane Honegger said...

Two inspiring pieces about writing resolutions, Kathy. I'm going to jump in with a writing resolution any day now. I have the determination and desire in order, but my discipline is still in question. Your encouragement has me working on that last piece. Liz, may I suggest "The Answer is Simple...Love Yourself, Live your Spirit!" by Sonia Choquette. It's an insightful and inspiring guide to adding spirituality to your life. I read it last year and I'm still lighting candles every now and then and singing as if nobody is listening! Happy New Year everybody!

Anonymous said...

How inspiring I find what you write. I tell my family and friends about what you have written. By reading these pieces I feel I have found someone who understands what life should be about. Thank You for caring so much!


Patty said...

No matter our heart's desire we are all united by the three D's in order to achieve our goals! Thanks for these encouraging New Year's articles, Kathy!

Cheoy Lee said...

This is really inspiring, and I may just have to make writing every day my New Year's Resolution.

Patty B. said...

Your writing Kathy is always an inspiration to me and the 3 D's is something to consider. I look forward to this year and plan to follow along your journey.

Patty B.

Patty B. said...

Your writing Kathy is always an inspiration to me and the 3 D's is something to consider. I look forward to this year and plan to follow along your journey.

Patty B.