Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Writing

Summer for me

is joyful play,
fun in the sun
lazy days -
Cooking hamburgers
out on the grill,
kayaking, hiking,
eating watermelon.
Reading and writing
(no arithmetic, please)
Trying a different
genre, one I 
haven't written 
before: A mystery, 
history or play.
Or maybe a 
poem, an essay,
or personal story
about an old 
heirloom or weathered
barn; A road trip 
or circus show, a 
day at the lake, a 
walk in the woods; A 
family reunion or 
grunion run. It
matters not the 
topic or theme, only
that I write in summer

* In Fred White's The Daily Writer 365 meditations to cultivate a productive and meaningful writing life, White's  entry for  July 24 suggests writers TRY THIS-

Practice writing descriptions of objects using as many different kinds of sensory impressions as possible . Start by describing these objects in enough detail for them to come to life in the reader's mind.
  > thick steaks broiling on a mesquite grill
  > freshly baked pastries in a bakery window, from the viewpoint of a hungry,
     homeless person
  > a forest path during or just after a rainstorm
  > a dank, moldy cellar late at night

   ** While many prompts and summer writing ideas on the  internet  are aimed at younger school  children, some  are still helpful for writers of all ages such as keeping a summer writing journal.   Summer will be with us for another several weeks,  so I encourage you to make your own 'Bucket List' of summer writing ideas, and write something every day.


Anonymous said...

I love the outdoors and summer is always a fun time. You sure understand how great life is and should be! Thank You


Patty said...

I would say you captured summer very well!