Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beyond This Blog: For the Love of Words

Had I taken a different path in life, I think I could have been quite happy as an etymologist (which is, of course, one who studies words. Once when I mentioned my interest in etymology to a friend, she thought I wanted to study insects. Um, eww. That's ENTomology.) All my life I've fallen in love with certain words, just because of how they sound or the way they roll off the tongue when you say them, or even how they look on a page. "Flourescent" is one. "Tangerine" is another. There's no logical reason for my love of these words; they simply make me happy. So I was gratified to stumble upon a blog called wordnymph.com, which is described as "a playground for the love and enjoyment of words." Here I've found my tribe! Blogger Monica Welch not only explores the origins of certain words or sayings, she's an astute observer of how words and language are used--and abused--in modern culture.

For example, if you're a writer who values finding fresh ways to say things, you've gotta love a blog that points out the empty phrases that we're all guilty of using from time to time. (Do the phrases "it is what it is" or "at the end of the day" bring a blush to your writerly cheek? They should!) And the reader comments are worth reading, too. If you're a lover of words, you'll find a kindred spirit in wordnymph.com. Come join the conversation.

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Nancy Owens Barnes said...

I checked out the wordnymph site and what a fun and useful find! Thanks for sharing the tip.