Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Black Friday - Don't Forget Your Notebook

I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and are ready to jump into the holiday season with both feet - both as a shopper and as a writer. Today is Black Friday - the day American shopkeepers look forward to going "into the black" on the books. With stores opening at 3:00 AM this year, and thousands of bargains out there, it's a terrific day to support our drooping economy and grab up some super deals. But don't leave your pencil and notebook at home. With jostling crowds, limited specials, frazzled clerks, and tired shoppers, the day (and the season) holds great promise for writers. Jot down notes on an overheard conversation, the vision of an exasperated shopper, a poignant scene, or your insight into the lack of manners in today's society. Just keep your writer's ears and eyes open and you'll discover limitless bargains on the kind of details that add strength, depth, and character to your writing.

Oh, and if you're traveling, keep that notebook handy. You're in high cotton!

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